This paper presents the advancements of the Urbamedia project which was designed as part of a research program at the Center CAO (Creation computer assist), School of Architectural Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires, which was led by the valued master and advisory professor Architect Arturo F. Montagu. This proposal of the city of Buenos Aires on the Mayo Avenue expands the original historical fragment presented between the following two referenced representative landmarks: The Two Congresses Square and the Mayo Square. It continues with the advancement of methodologies and techniques implemented in a system of “integrated visualization and communication” for the development of a VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) 3D virtual non-immersive and interactive vision. It also incorporates the development of a “foundation of digitally integrated knowledge” with fragments of central areas from other surrounding cities as well as interfaced phenomenological situations. The application of digital VRML technology has allowed for thoroughly researching the processes through dynamic simulation of specific urban fragments (Mayo Avenue within Buenos Aires) and the cities that are also participating in the project. [Full paper in Spanish]