It is presented a development of an exploratory experience about a hyper medial 4D and 5D space design workshop. The concept of 4D /5D space refers to a new representation order of the digital media that inserts space-time variables, where the subject’s action articulates the space. Directed by a group of professors, it was focused from different disciplines, and destined to a heterogeneous group of students. The work methodology recognizes and links the cyberspace, heterogenesis and morphogenesis concepts. As implications, it is observed the mutation of digital image-form creation, production, storage, interchange, interaction and social use, next to languages hybridation and representation systems. As conclusions, it is considered that the digital image-form is a random event, a result of an interrupted but not closed process where the creation vectors, procedures, direction variables and the subject prefiguration are the outstanding characteristics. [Full paper in Spanish]