The end of the millennium with its new digital technology is contributing important tools to the area of documentation and historical patrimony those of us who support the preservation of memories think that a very important way of personalizing and strengthening our identity is to provide to those who inhabit the city with heightened awareness towards the values of our past. The revitalization requires that the patrimony in itself be valued. At the same time, it necessitates the preparation of a great amount of information utilizing cataloguing, research databases, and other materials be accessible to all citizens. This piece of work shares the different digital data base experiences that are being developed in the CEDODAL foundation art and latinamerican architecture (center for documentation), which is under the direction of the architect Ramon Gutierrez, a research services organization, and diverse higher education institutions (universities). Four bases are introduced, each with different thought and criterion structures in the definition of fields as well as in their dynamic visualizations. Each of them possesses great quantities of digital images, blue prints, and texts. In three of those bases, the data is the output from teams of researchers in different topics through special arrangements with Santa Fe's provincial water), Fonart, and city government. At the same time, the CEDODAL catalogues its documentaries with great quantities of photographic information, blue prints, research passages, and a library.