The knowledge of latest technology that allows the development of competitive products in reduced times is crucial to guarantee a sustainable growth of the national industry. This work presents the development of a computational system for the Virtual Design of products, the VirtusCADE, which is a CAD/CAE interactive software (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Engineering). The VirtusCADE includes 3D geometric modeling of surfaces and solids and mesh generation. The system uses the parametric modeling of surfaces, including algorithms for determination of intersection between surfaces and for triangular mesh generation in trimmed parametric surfaces. The graphical interface is interactive and allows the direct real time manipulation of objects (lines, surfaces and solids) in 3D using the OpenGL technology. The system prioritizes the usability, implementing several graphic tools that facilitate the manipulation in 3D. The VirtusCADE contemplates the structural simulation through the Finite Element Method. The code architecture is based on oriented object programming, which allows great scaling capability for the implementation of new tools. This project has great applicability in numerical simulation of physical phenomena, such structural analysis of buildings, vehicles parts, with impact in the industries of civil construction, metal-mechanics, aerospatial, naval and automotive.