La comunicación presentada se apoya en tres partes principales: la experiencia de más de 15 años de enseñanza, centrada principalmente en el desarrollo de modelos virtuales; la experiencia reciente, en un programa de máster, de desarrollo
The paper begins with some considerations about the historical evolution of parametric design methods in the advanced industry and their forecoming transference to the field of architecture. Following these considerations it is maintained that this transference will bring about a second revolution in the educational methodologies, more important than the first one, and that this will result in a clearer separation between conceptual knowledge and instrumental knowledge. The need to give a proper place to a growing sector of information and mechanical methods of learning in the academic world should lead to a an adequate integration of computer aided instruction, a broader collaboration between different departments and to e-learning methods established on a regular basis. In this context, an outline of a new experience of this kind, that will start next term in our school, is presented.