This is a research project in progress sponsored by the Universidad de Belgrano; it is to be completed by the end of 2001. The work comprises the observation of design processes done by students using manual and digital means following the same phases (study of the context and program, parti alternatives, fixation of a general scheme, formal and material development). Each of these phases is tackled by students according to their preferences, availability of equipment and degree of training in the use of digital media. An evident drawback for students is that the possiblities of testing design alternatives are reduced because of low expertise in representation. It is our intention to develop know-how about the use of this mixture of media in the most appropriate way for a design assignment, like the one we have for the use of graphic representations, study models, etc. We should be able to describe in detail the relations between traditional and digital representation considering both as means for reaching a more complete knowledge of the object we are designing. Thus we can evaluate the possibilities of articulation between both systems and the best way to exploit these relations for didactical ends.