The research endeavors to investigate the approaches and applications made in areas of online communities and forums in order to benefit from. The research proceeds to present an innovative contribution that could be described as a visual design library, a visual design community, and a novel use of networking in designing. The fields investigated by the research are: Online Communities and Forums, Networking and Collaborative Design, and Online Design Environment. The research contribution includes introducing a computer program called DesignMap that masters and presents a massive number of visual designs in two and three dimensions. The introduced software through its functions not only serves main applications of design disciplines of architecture and urban planning, but also combines significances of the investigated fields. Three comprehensive goals are investigated and introduced through this research: First, the proposed program is a means of getting architects and urban planners, who typically work in the domain of computationally introducing the design environment, involved in the creation and exploration of their designated forms for enhancing objects and spaces. Second, the program provides a design map for any architect and urban planner to search, visualize, modify, and then add designs through a wide range of form categories based on formal properties of objects relationship. Each user can have access to any part or category in this design map. Third, the research introduces the DesignMap as a tool to form and build up a networking community by bringing architects and urban planners with an interest in design area together to share in designing and to create design series.