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de Boissieu, Aurélie, François Guéna, and Caroline Lecourtois. "Identifying Cognitive Operations of Conception Implied in the Uses of Parametric Modeling in Architectural Design: Toward Pedagogical Tools." In Computation and Performance - Proceedings of the 31st eCAADe Conference, 563-570. Vol. 2. eCAADe: Conferences 2. Delft, The Netherlands: Delft University of Technology, 2013.
de Boissieu, Aurélie, Caroline Lecourtois, and François Guéna. "Operation of parametric modelling' and/or “operation of architectural conception”?: Expressing relationships in parametric modelling." In Respecting Fragile Places: 29th eCAADe Conference Proceedings, 530-538. eCAADe: Conferences. Ljubljana, Slovenia: University of Ljubljana. Faculty of Architecture, 2011.