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Nielsen, Stig Anton. "Physical Form Finding by Embedded Sensors." In Computation and Performance - Proceedings of the 31st eCAADe Conference, 413-421. Vol. 1. eCAADe: Conferences 1. Delft, The Netherlands: Delft University of Technology, 2013.
Lilley, Brian, Roland Hudson, Kevin Plucknett, Rory Macdonald, Nancy Yen- Wen Cheng, Stig Anton Nielsen, Olympia Nouska, Monika Grinbergs, Stephen Andematten, Kyle Baumgardner et al. "Ceramic Perspiration: Multi-Scalar Development of Ceramic Material." In Synthetic Digital Ecologies: Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture, 97-108. ACADIA. San Francisco: California College of the Arts, 2012.