The proposed paper outlines research findings in the field of generative design of visual virtual chat spaces. It discusses social interaction as a central determining factor in the generation of virtual spaces through and for chat communication on the World Wide Web. Social interaction in a chat room is based on communication using written text. The research and design results of this project involve the translation of chat statements into three-dimensional virtual objects according to - criteria derived from theories of virtual and social space, - the production of space through action and interaction of the users of the interface and - the translation of the components of written text (words and characters) into three-dimensional virtual forms. The generation of a dynamic, virtual, social structure is based on criteria deduced from systems of interaction within social space. The visual social structure, reflected in the shape and spatial relation of the three-dimensional objects, evolves as source for feedback processes and therefore as “re-generationi of social interaction. This paper documents the design, implementation and evaluation of the described system. It represents an outset and a first manifestation of a new project in cultural-differentiated user-interaction-centred generative approaches in interface design of chat room applications.