This paper discusses an approach which combines different generative procedures with design methods as they are common in daily design practice: Two generative tools together with paper models, prototypes and “classicali Computer Aided Design span the design process. The subject of experimentation is a specific class of furniture: CNC - manufactured, foldable objects for different seating positions, based on a material composition of thin plywood laminated with fabric and / or felt. The generative tools described below have been developed with the macro programming facilities of the CAD-software I-DEAS. One tool can be used either for systematic exploration of the search space or as a source for inspiration, depending on the preference settings chosen by the user. The other tool is made for the elaboration of details of the generated designs and for preparing production. The prototypes of these tools are still in an experimental stage and just in use to be tested and evaluated. Therefore the charcacter of the following text is more descriptive than analysing.