Computer-assisted reconstruction of no-longer existent (architectural) objects and their surroundingsamounts to a “virtual comebacki. Irreversible destruction having removed identity-establishing buildingsfrom the urban surface forever is the principal reason for re-creating them by imagination. Following thedestruction during the so-called “Reichskristall-Nighti of November 1938, the synagogues of the Jewishcommunity in Vienna will only survive by means of virtual reconstruction. Sixty years later, in the commemorativeyear of 1998, the first synagogue reconstruction was initiated. The medium-range goal,however, aims at the reconstruction of at least ten additional synagogues as a project to be carried outin stages over a period of several years. Changes in personnel also call for a structure to be trackeddown later on. This paper deals with handling of modelling in a systematic manner, taking into consideration personnel changes, aiming at a traceable data structure for subsequent use and follow-upwork.