We present an agent-based system for capturing and indexing software design meetings. During these meetings, designers design object-oriented software tools, including new agent-based technologies for the Intelligent Room, by sketching UML-type designs on a white-board. To capture the design meeting history, the Design Meeting Agent requests available audio, video, and screen capture services from the environment and uses them to capture the entire design meeting. However, finding a particular moment of the design history video and audio records can be cumbersome without a proper indexing scheme. To detect, index, and timestamp significant events in the design process, the Tahuti Agent, also started by the Design Meeting Agent, records, recognizes, and understands the UML-type sketches drawn during the meeting. These timestamps can be mapped to particular moments in the captured video and audio, aiding in the retrieval of the captured information. Metaglue, a multiagent system, provides the computational glue necessary to bind the distributed components of the system together. It also provides necessary tools for seamless multi-modal interaction between the varied agents and the users.