Tugite and Shiguchi are traditional architectural techniques of Japan, which connect materials without the use of nails or adhesives. Tugite is a technique to connect materials to augment the lack of length of available materials. Shiguchi is a technique to connect materials at an angle. With a firm basis in this tradition and the craftsmanship involved, we are aiming to apply these traditional joining techniques in digital fabrication. We expect that the application of Tugite and Shiguchi will refine digital fabrication methods and that the value of Tugite and Shiguchi will be rediscovered in the era of digital fabrication. This research was conducted in three steps. The first step was to research all patterns of Tugite and Shiguchi to define its foundation and typology. The second step was to modify Tugite and Shiguchi shapes to allow application in a digital fabrication environment, and also to add functionality. The third step was to create Lego-sized blocks with Tugite and Shiguchi to verify their applicability outside of the field of architecture.