Hyper-Morphology is an on-going research outlining a bottom-up evolutionary design process based on autonomous cellular building components. The research interfaces critical operational traits of the natural world (Evolutionary Development Biology, Embryology and Cellular Differentiation) with Evolutionary Computational techniques driven design methodologies. In the Hyper-Morphology research, genetic sequences are considered as sets of locally coded relational associations between multiple factors such as the amount of components, material based constraints, and geometric adaptation/degrees of freedom based adaptation abilities etc, which are embedded autonomously within each HyperCell component. Collective intelligence driven decision-making processes are intrinsic to the Hyper-Morphology logic for intelligently operating with autonomous componential systems (akin to swarm systems). This subsequently results in user and activity centric global morphology generation in real-time. Practically, the Hyper-Morphology research focuses on a 24/7 economy loop wherein real-time adaptive spatial usage interfaces with contemporary culture of flexible living within spatial constraints in a rapidly urbanizing world.