It is an immutable truth that architecture ultimately exists for humans. Similarly, it is a well-known fact that countless architectural concepts derived and evolved to restrain development, to control building projects and to consider environment are eventually for the benefit of humans. Architecture today, however, is in the hands of a few renowned architects even though it is supposed to refl ect human beings and times and to work for everyone. Is it too much to say that everyone should have a say in the space used by many? In that respect, we have devised DADL System. Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. The system is an architectural game that stimulates human instincts, has online communities and is easily accessible by Anyone Anytime and Anywhere (3A Rules). DADL System aims to gather usersí ideas and develop architecture, which is essentially enabled by the ëAdviseí feature. Advise is designed to lead users to think about architecture voluntarily and to guide them to express their ideas. The structure and contents of Advises are very important factors in DADL System. Also, it is divided into two domains, i.e. Web and Mobile, where data exchange is enabled via cloud computing, establishing a base in compliance with the ë3Aí Rules. The DADL System supports the architecture of everyone without relying on opinions of a few, so as to open the infi nitive potential for communication between architecture and humans, which todayís architecture should advocate.