This paper addresses the utilization of Data Mining as an advanced technique of information technologies to investigate and identify the patterns of architectural features of contemporary architecture in Saudi Arabia in two suggested building types: houses and commercial office buildings. Such patterns will help in developing a model of patterns of architectural features that can be utilized to augment the architectural context of Saudi Arabia. The paper presents a constructed framework that provides a comprehensive analysis of recognition criteria for identifying each architectural feature of the nominated set of nine features. These architectural features include: spatial relationships, space allocation, circulation, building form, façade treatment, building structure, external finishes, environmental aspects, and cultural features. The recognition criteria for these architectural features are expressed in the attribute-value format.  Such criteria are extracted for houses and commercial office buildings specifically within the context of Saudi contemporary architecture based on extensive case analysis that represents the diversity of architectural designs of houses and commercial office buildings. The paper also, introduces a process model of applying Data Mining for investigating patterns of contemporary architecture.