Digital fabrication of building components by means of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines is of high interest for architects and the building industry. Common design software does not allow for utilizing the potential that lies within these new technologies. To fully exploit the power of digital fabrication, new design paradigms have to be explored. In our design studios we implement direct scripting, the use of images to control parameters, as well as dynamical and rule based systems, which enables the designer to exploit the possibilities of digital fabrication. This paper provides an overview of the tools we developed. We will present some of the results from these classes and discuss its implications for future tool sets. It is essential to apply the knowledge of production methods at the starting point of the design process, in order to fully benefit from these new technologies. We believe that novel design strategies emerge out of this shift in production. Our goal is to integrate the principles of digital fabrication into the design process, resulting in a more valuable and sustainable architecture.