This paper reports a research study which evaluated the possibilities of building information modelling (BIM) within renovation of buildings of significant architectural, historic or cultural values. Renovation or restoration projects of historic buildings can be more demanding, challenging and complex than traditional renovation of for instance within housing. Objective of this research has been to transfer ICT (information and communication technology) and BIM research findings to historic design practice and true renovation project environments. The concept of building information modelling BIM is a proposed integrative framework for all design and construction project information in digital form. BIM can currently be seen to be in a phase of pragmatic pilot projects in several countries. Nevertheless, BIM has not been tested that much in renovation projects yet, although the importance of renovation and restoration is remarkable within the total volume of western construction sectors. One essential conclusion of this study is, that renovation design work should be started earlier in model-based design projects than in traditional renovation projects. More resources have also to be assigned to earlier design phases, if BIM is intended to be used extensively throughout the project. Another finding is the new concept of an inventory model, which is proposed to be the container for all building inventory, survey and measurement data. Even more so, when significant historic, hence more demanding building renovation is concerned, because there are more needs for various kinds of surveys, accurate data gathering and analyzing queries concerning the project.