All over the world, students and teachers in architecture have been developing learning materials in various digital formats. Unfortunately, the material is not shared across school boundaries, and thus not exploited to its full extent. Mostly, technical and organisational limitations hamper the sharing and exchange of learning material, although this would benefit the global community of students and teachers in architecture. This paper presents a recently launched EU-initiative called MACE ? Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe ? which aims at creating a European-wide space for the electronic descriptions of architectural information to be used in architectural education. The idea is to exchange and enhance the metadata of as many as possible digital repositories in order to allow searches by distant partners. Real access conditions to the data still remain those specific for each repository. By describing and discussing this initiative in its early stage, the paper aims to benefit from the exchange of ideas and experiences with similar initiatives, and to trigger the interest of new repository owners to join MACE.