Negroponte (Negroponte 1969) described how the creative thinking of a designer can become affected by the “machine” urging the designer to draw a distinction between “heuristics of form” and “heuristics of method”. This ensured that by taking advantage of digital technology a symbiotic relationship was maintained between both of these. To date architects have investigated digital tools for generating form and imagery with increasing success, but have arguably fallen short of using those tools for advancing their design methods. The research presented here explores questions not solely focusing on the use of the tools, but on heuristic methods of the profession, to examine the interconnectiveness of the design method and the tool in a symbiotic fashion, to examine the nature of creativity. This paper is taking a critical standpoint about the place of digital tools in an architectis method in the pursuit of poetic architecture and, in particular, its representation, to enable speculation, as opposed to prediction, of ideas in the design process from the early phases. The issue is discussed through the findings of my doctoral research case studies that have proved germane to my particular enquiry, that is, digital mediationbetween design ideation and design development.