In the curricula for students of civil engineering and architecture software training courses have been integrated for long, but didactical training concepts with an application in practice including both the constructional and planning aspects are missing. This conference contribution shows the result of a research work carried out to empirically develop a manual for a constructional, digitally supported project work. It comprised the interdisciplinary teaching with a special focus on two examples of buildings in situ. Different types of presentation, picture software and CAD were used from the very beginning of the planning process in order to create a new form of didactics in teaching and learning. The basic local parameters and approaches are documented and analyzed. As a result of the empirical research work presented herein a manual was developed which is useful as a guideline for the digital interdisciplinary project development in the revitalization of buildings. It reflects the experiences gained in this empirical research work and formulates the steps to take to carry out the project. The paper is presented with a 3-D-video projection on the basis of stereoscope pictures.