Outline of development of a revised base ITC course at the Faculty is shown here. The course, called Introduction To Information Technology Implementation is aimed for 2nd year students (3rd semester) of the study. For the first time it was held in the winter semester of 2002/03 as a pilot course replacing the old way of course delivery. This implementation was carried out through a “pathfinder” project WORMES from February 2002 till March 2003 and would be used as a template for future Hyperlearning implementation on other courses through other Faculty education programes. The objective was to establish continuous students teamwork around a problem - a project completely accomplished in IT surround. A slightly adapted methodology known as Hyperlearning - a version of Problem Based Learning, was chosen as a based learning methodology for a new way of course delivery. The gained results were really impressive. Not only efficiency of delivery was increased in many ways (less hours spent on exercises, better knowledge detaining...) but also huge enthusiasm among students was constantly maintained and their creativity was emphasized surprisingly. A lot of data were collected, analyzed and some of the results are published here.