The power of the computer as a design tool and as a design stimulator has still to be fully exploited () The previous statement from the conference theme, couldnit be more correct. However, the question then becomes why? Why computers arenit used more often as design tools? In trying to find answers and solutions to these questions, the author has applied an approach similar to that taken by river explorers. These individuals, when exploring the course of a river, begin the journey at the mouth of the river, not at the source. They go up river, against the current, searching into the larger tributaries first and then proceeding to look at the smaller rivulets. In other words, rather than proposing some theoretical construct that one could put to the digital design test and find out why weire having problems with computers in terms of design creativity, here the course was reversed and began with a product that was analyzed in order to find its sources. The paper (a) presents the rationales behind the procedural approach to digital modelling, (b) the process that was used to investigate the approach, (c) its outcome.