Design teams are typically distributed across many locations and communicate with multiple media. Computer tools have been developed to support and improve such communication. Agent support of design has been discussed in terms of the support of graphical and object based systems. Another aspect of design that is often discounted is the textual dimension. Discussions of media in architectural design typically revolve around graphical forms, be they digital or analogue. This emphasis on graphics overshadows the role of text in design, the interactions of designers requires broader support. In this paper, we consider role of text-agents in support of collaborative architectural design. Text is a common medium to record information in computer technology and has a role to play in an architectural design process. In collaborative environment, a shared understanding and preserved history are important for communication. Design knowledge is accumulated through textual databases, be they email or longer documents. In this way, just as graphics can be seen as a design aid, so too can text. This proof of concept implementation of an agent system demonstrates how collaborative design can benefit from agent support.