The métier of architecture is, contrary to the myth of the single visionary architect, one of co-ordinated interdisciplinary teamwork. For students of architecture, this concept can be somewhat abstract without the chance for hands-on experience in working in such teams. The authors contend that this type of co-operation is better trained than taught. As a consequence, the authors have sought to create a pedagogical framework for training interdisciplinary work: Furthermore, by using assignments that call for concurrent engineering, the framework allows students to understand the complexities of integrated planning practices. The paper explains the methods and results of workshops carried out at two Universities over the past one and one-half years. Students are arranged in small teams of 3-5 students consisting optimally of architects, engineers and computer programmers. The assignment is to build and program a robot to successfully execute a prescribed set of objectives. The 10- day workshop is carried out as a competition in order to accelerate the development process and to focus the design work to a specific goal.