The paper deals with the decision making process in relation to housing management. The DSS was developed in favour of several Dutch housing association and has been implemented in their organisation. For the purpose of strategic management the developed system includes an integration of object related technical, commercial and financial data.Firstly we enter on the context in which decision making takes place. Then we will make some remarks on strategic housing management. Thirdly we go into the data input of the Decision Support System. The following conditions are used in a 'decision table':- a Rentability Index (RI)- the trend in the RI- the tenant's appreciation- the intended target group- the investment policy- the possibility to increase the rent based on these conditions the most appropriate strategy has been selected as output. The output also shows the urgency of a problem. The developed DSS-system supports decision making on the level of dwelling estates as well as on the level of the whole portfolio. This paper has been confined to DSS on the level of a dwelling estate. Finally we will go into the automation of the system and the implementation at the organisation of housing associations.