In the process of architecture design, the manufacture of study model acts a procedure of swift transformation from concept to a visible model. Since the era of CAD/CAM approaches, the tool of constructing the model evolves from the traditional physical model to digital model in the mode of the manufacture of study model. The virtual model, which is utilized in the incipient concept discussion by the designer, has become a new intermediary material. However, the virtual model or physical model respectively acts its role that may not be substituted now. TUIS (Tangible User Interfaces) is the intuitional interface system of discussion on striding these two intermediary materials. By the information interchange between the physical model and virtual model, a designer can dedicate to the procedure of design development rather than be restricted to the operation and usage of these interfaces. However, there are many problems existing in applying such a system to the solid geometry model stack. This essay will discuss that a designer explores the incipient design application by manipulating physical model and virtual model.