In the planning process, Yamato city set up four citizens'participatory channels, two in the real space and the other two in the cyber space. The channels in each space are divided into two types, one restricts membership and the other does not. This paper aims to clarify the functions of these four channels through protocol analysis and draws the following two findings. (1) In the channels with the restricted membership, the theme of the discussion continues between the real space and the cyber space mutually. Consequently, close communication became possible. (2) The other finding is that the continuity of discussions exists almost one-way from the restricted channels to the unrestricted, so the unrestricted channels are regarded as functioning to enhance the validity of the citizen discussions in the member-restricted channels. For closer communication, however, the continuity from the unrestricted to the restricted channels should be ensured, hence it is necessary to establish some systems for the continual communication.