This paper explains the results of a collaborative research project between  Multimedia University (Malaysia) and Innotive Corporation (Korea) to  manage, design a multimedia archiving system and visualising knowledge for  the students or the users in the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia  University. This research introduces InnotiveBrowser technology, a high  performance multimedia display software that enhances the ability of user to  search and discover digital content. The unique result of this method is that the  images to be viewed are not limited to available RAM, instead the content  utilises the available storage directly from the disk (hard drives). In other  words, the larger the size of the hard disk, the greater the number of content  information can be stored and displayed. This system is employed with Virtual  Reality (VR) techniques particularly imparting viewing technology (pixel-ondemand) and navigation strategy to increase the viewing speed of multimedia  information in real-time over the Internet, broadband and even via PDA  platforms.  This research hopes to set the benchmark for multimedia archiving  system that can be applied in other CAD, CAAD or most of the design or  production-based teaching and learning environment. The early findings of  this research have been patented and this paper will demonstrate the research  ideas and explain how we implement and customise the technology and  content development in the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia  University.