The principal objective of building management is to control facilities planning and facilities operations and maintenance, that effective criteria in strategic planning about preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance. The key of success in managing the building and facilities is all about collecting and interpreting data on diverse facets of property use. Computer databases are the ideal vehicles in which to log, store and manipulate data, almost unlimited information can be measured and entered en masse. The strength of such information storage is its capacity for expansion and the diversity of subject, it becomes large and requires greater and greater operator familiarity with its structure in order to interrogate successfully. The ultimate solution is to computer-base the entire operation, by using the three-dimensional building modelling to control the operation. This solution will simulate building in virtual environment and the building system data (Architectural part and Engineering part) will collect in digital data type. The digital data will classification and made three-dimensional database relations. This research focus in three sections of the operation as three-dimensional database relationship, topological simulation and smart system, that applied to generate the prototype building management application “Architecture Building Facilities Management: ABFMi.