This research paper proposes a simulation software development for possibility analysis of urban landscape development project. Normally, analysis of land potentiality and feasibility study for investment are necessary pre-processed for supporting urban planning, developing and architectural designing. However, most available tools are usually tailor made for each process individually, causing difficulties in information interchange between each processes. In this research, we propose a policy making support system for urban planning project development providing several functions such as testing land use and its physical character which are important to urban expansion and architectural design based on impact analysis of urban comprehensive plan. The proposed integrated system consists of a topological analysis module, constraint checking module and geographical information processing module. First, Geographical information stored in 3D graphic file format is converted to object-oriented data model and stored in a database. With several constraint and regulations, the stored information is then checked in the landscape topological analysis module. In evaluation process, the developed software is tested with geographical information of Bangkok area under constraints and regulations of Building Control Act of Thailand. While controlling building properties, the software can model the buildings and generate urban physical character. The result is then checked by several urban landscape planning experts. Experimental result shows that proposed system provides flexibility in information interchanging with constraints and regulations updating without system reconfiguration. The system also provides internet accessing for public participation in the process of making urban comprehensive plan.