Different from the traditional tools for architectural design, the new design media provides higher efficiency and quality by use of a set of digital techniques. The more important is that the relationship between the designer and the design media has been changed. The changes described here mainly lies in two aspects: firstly, compared with the traditional drawing tools which can only be used as a “purei instrument with single direction response, the integrated digital design media provides an interface which generates great interaction between designer and the tools, secondly, through the interface with a broader sense, the digital media can join a design process itself by linking the architects with other designers, or even the whole AEC industry, through the ways like collaborative design and/or Internet Aided Design, which the traditional media never could accomplish. Thus with the changes from instrument to interface, the thinking mode and the process of architectural design currently are quite different from the traditional one. And the relationship between architects and relative professions like engineering and construction has also been enhanced through the system based on BIM or CIBS. In addition, the cause and outcome of such a change should also be emphasized in the architectural education.