In recent years there has been a demand that local residents take part in the planning of environmental designs from the initial stages. On the issue of understanding the local environment, it is desirable to accumulate and share information and to enable it to be reused. To this end, attention has been focused on the cellular phone which can provide position information and picture information in addition to serving as a tool of general communication. For several years now it has been increasingly common for cellular phones to be equipped with an E-mail function, a web browsing function, a camera function, a GPS function, etc. Using such cellular phones, it will become possible to quickly accumulate local information with detailed picture information and position information. On the other hand, it is desirable to look at and understand an environment interactively from various points of view from the initial stage of a project. For that purpose, examination using 3D space which makes real-time simulation possible is required. In this research, using a cellular phone with a GPS camera, scene image data is collected with the aim of constructing a local scene evaluation system which can perform a picture display using a 3D space model.