This paper presents the development of a prototype XMLbased 3D campus map using the 3D VML library. Many universities in the U.S. use two-dimensional (2D) raster image to provide the campus map along with additional building information on their Web site. Research shows that three-dimensional (3D) expression of the 3D objects helps human beings understand the spatial relationship between the objects. Some universities use 3D campus maps to help visitors more intuitively access the building information. However, these 3D campus maps are usually created using raster images. The users cannot change the view point in the 3D campus map for better understanding of the arrangement of the campus. If the users can navigate around in the 3D campus map, they may be able to locate the building of their interest more intuitively. This paper introduces emerging Web technologies that deliver 3D vector graphics on the Web browser over the internet, and the algorithm of the prototype XML-based 3D campus map. Some advantages of using VML in delivering the interactive 3D campus map are also discussed.