The course on CAAD at the KU Leuven is part of the course on design methodology and theory from which it is the most recent and natural extension. Attached to this course a series of assignments has been developed which bring the students in 45 hours to a non-trivial level of acquaintance with CAAD. Our assignments are primarily directed towards practice. They are built on top of AutoCAD to which we have added in-house developments in order to focus on specific pedagogical goals within a very limited time. After a general introduction on Windows (file management) and AutoCAD (basics) students make the following assignments (main pedagogical goals in between brackets). colophon (working with blocks), detail (2D-drawing, hatching, editing), facade design using a built-in system of proportion (slides, scriptfile), extraction (linking alphanumerical and graphical entities), container (level of detail, icon menus, viewports), surface modelling (modelling 3D-objects with surfaces), fractal tree (recursion in Autolisp), solid modelling (Leicester engineering building), lighting (integration of drawing and computation of illumination levels), pressure lines in an arc (interactive design of an arc), demos. The paper presents and comments these assignments and shows results from the last 2 years.