The problems of storage of local cultural heritage in digital databases, are reported in the paper. An exemplar case of  RuralXML framework is presented. Three main groups of challenges relating to “culturally richi databases are recognised:1. Estimation of the significance of digital databases for supporting design process, educational needs and scientific investigations,2. The conceptual problems with digital representation of “the paper heritagei3. The technical problems related to the architectural databases.The most important aspects of the problem are mentioned, as a background to a discussion about the reciprocal dependencies between technology and local values, i.e. how technology supports acting with the local architectural heritage, and how “cultural significancei values technology. We claim that digital technology not only enables storage and management of such data, but it also adds a new dimension to the design, making it “locally-sensitivei and oriented towards context by means of employing digitally archived architectural data. The accessibility to information about the “locali architecture heritage is important for local as well as global design. The premises for such statements, are presented.