Virtual Ampang Jaya is an interactive visualization environment for modelling urban growth and spatio-temporal transformation to expose and evaluate the different layers of Ampang Jaya, consisting of social, economic, built and natural environments. The research will investigate the techniques of data acquisition, data reconstruction from physical to digital, urban analysis and visualization in constructing a digital model which may include low geometric content such as 2D digital maps and digital orthographics to high geometric content such as full volumetric parametric modelling. The process will integrate the state of the art GIS system to explore GIS powerful analytical and querying capabilities with interactive visualization environment as well as test the model as a predictive tool. The model will set as an experimental test pad in providing a new platform to support decision making about the spatial growth of Ampang Jaya by the various stakeholders in the planning processes. Such an environment will improve the subsequent digital models and research in the area of urban design and planning where visual communication is central.