This paper outlines a digital design workflow, utilized by the authors, which actively links the geometry platforms being utilized by architects with tools for structural analysis, design, form-finding, and optimization. This workflow leads to an accelerated generation and transfer of information to help guide and inform the design process. The engineering team is thus empowered to augment the architectis design by ensuring that the design team is conscious of the structural implications of design decisions throughout the design process. A crucial element of this design process has been the dynamic linkage of parametric geometry models with structural analysis and design tools. This reduces random errors in model generation and allows more time for critical analysis evaluation. However, the ability to run a multitude of options in a compressed time frame has led to ever increasing data sets. A key component of this structural engineering workflow has become the visualization and rigorous interpretation of the data generated by the analysis process. The authors have explored visualization techniques to distill the complex analysis results into graphics that are easily discernable by all members of the design team.