Through the presentation of the design of a memorial, this paper intends to introduce an iterative design process that incorporates particle-based animation, parametrically constrained operations, and a variety of rapid-prototyping techniques. This is a project rooted in the generation and interpretation of physical artifacts dependent upon both the generative potential of digital media and the subjective modifications associated with design authorship It is stated in the brief for this ACADIA topic node that “the maturity of design, modelling, visualization, manufacturing and collaboration tools has allowed them to be naturally and comfortably integrated into the design process at all stages.i As such, the design statement for this memorial makes no mention of the incorporation of digital media. Process is subordinate to its result. Simply, the victims families would not find the range of technology incorporated in this design pertinent to the matter at hand: the design of a memorial to honor the victims of the attack on the Pentagon. Within the context of this “Digital Designi topic node, though, it is my intention to expose the digital underpinnings of this project and position it within a discourse somewhere between ars accidentalis and the constraints of fully parametric and geometrically-associative design.