A brief historical analysis followed by some possible future scenarios The influence of CAD - nowadays more correctly stated with CAAD meaning architectural CAD - has been more and more evident in the university level architectural education. The development process of architectural CAD-courses and wider CAD-curriculums could, at least in Scandinavian countries, be described and simplified with a couple of development steps analyzed here, to give the starting point. And since the process of educational evolution will naturally keep on developing in the future also, some possible future paths concerning both CAD-equipment, CAAD-education and more traditional architectural curriculumns, are described here after the historical analysis.  Following commonly used futures studies methods, my intent is not to predict the future, but to give several probable future choices, of which some might come true, and some might not. Some of the paths are evident, some are ideal and some may cause also negative effects. The future of architectural education and CAAD as part of it will certainly appear somehow, very possibly somewhere in the middle of these presented paths. The aim of this presentation is to give the architectural education community - the schools and faculty - a wide perspective view to analyze and plan their local course structures also for the future. The future possibilities are presented here, so that the schools can prepare for the forecoming future changes in their workin environment. Finally, the future will appear the way we will create it.