This paper presents a new mechanism to access and interact with DYNAMO, a collective case base for architectural design developed as a Web-based tool. The system is fully operational since a few years in the context of architectural design education as well as for seminars on architectural theory. We have now developed a set of visual keys structured at the one hand according to the Vitruvian tripartition of architecture: Firmitas (structure, materials,), Utilitas (building programme,), Venustas (formal qualities/articulation, spatial configuration,) to which we added Context (topography, site, budget, climate,...) as a supplementary dimension, and at the other hand including three levels of detail: single spaces, building blocks or master plan entities. Visual keys match the architectis designerly way of thinking. The visual keys are in fact nothing else than a graphical codification of architecture within the realm of architectural composition. The software, that has been developed so far, does not only allow users to access cases via the keys we have implemented, but it also provides a tool to sketch and submit their own keys.