The focus of this paper is on teaching design through Computer Aided Architectural Design. Our present activity is to prepare Multimedia interviews showing how architects are designing using CAAD. We have for some time had relative success with students learning to design using the CAAD system extensively and creatively for their studio projects. This has led us to consider how best to teach in a way which encourages this creativity to extend and flourish. As with learning, broadly, and specifically with developing design ability, it is important to direct students to relevant established precedents of recent and classic examples of respected architects'approaches to similar design activities, in a body of historical and theoretical background. This tradition in teaching provides rich, invaluable learning material in design approaches and solutions. It appears that most material attempting to fill this role for CAADesign is in the form of written material, finished designs, or animations. Possibly the only way Computer Aided Architectural Designing activity can be understood fully is by documenting it in its own original media, (excepting direct first hand live observation). We are therefore preparing Multimedia records of interviews with architects and their real time computer activity, to build up a rich base of reference material supporting and expanding learning to design through CAAD.