Just before our ACADIA 98 conference, a conference was held in Boston addressing similar issues in the related profession of civil engineering. Sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the conference was titled the International Computing Congress in Civil Engineering and was the fifteenth in the Computing in Civil Engineering series. Although the interests of civil engineers include non architectural subjects such as traffic engineering, bridge building, and sanitation engineering, a large number of participants at the conference identify their area of interest as building engineering. Consequently, the conference addressed many issues of interest to architects. Sessions and presentations at the Congress paralleled those at ACADIA conferences. The World Wide Web was a topic of much discussion, just as it has been at ACADIA conferences. Civil engineering researchers are also exploring how to put courses on the Web, how to use the Internet to support collaboration, and how to distribute product data across the Web.Other papers addressed case-based reasoning, applications of object-oriented programming, expert systems, design education, automated building code checking, and product modelling. Not only did the Congress include a wide range of architecturally relevant topics, it was truly international, including participants from Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Americas.