Activities in the building industry in Germany concentrate increasingly on a combination of renovation and new-build. A prerequisite for computer-aided planning in the context of existing buildings is both the use of on-site computer aided surveying techniques and the integration of all professional disciplines in an integrated information and communication system. Current approaches to these issues are unsatisfactory. Methods and techniques in renovation work are being investigated as part of ongoing research at the Bauhaus- Universiti¤t Weimar (SFB524 - “Collaborative research center 524 “Materials and Structure in Revitalization of Buildings”). A sub-group (SFB524 - D2 “Planning-Relevant Digital Building Surveying and Information System”) is currently investigating the possibilities of computer-aided building surveying and of joint communcation platforms for engineering disciplines ( May 2001). The objective is the development of a general approach for the renovation of buildings. The paper discusses concepts and requirements for a computer-aided system supporting the entire surveying process from the initial site visit to its use in a CAD system.