Much knowledge in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is experience-basedand tacit. Nevertheless, the typical strategy for knowledge management is focused on computer-basedapproaches for capturing and disseminating explicit knowledge. AEC firms have been successful atcollecting and storing explicit information in enterprise databases, but they are poor at knowledgeretrieval and exchange. Consequently, AEC professionals find it difficult to reuse core expertsiknowledge for highly knowledge-intensive AEC activities. This situation calls for a method fordisseminating tacit knowledge from expertsi brains to achieve higher quality AEC projects.The primary purpose of this paper is to set a theoretical foundation for clarifying the contribution ofexpertsi tacit knowledge in the AEC industry. The secondary purpose is to describe the concept forprototype software, Dynamic Knowledge Map, that can assist in the reuse of expertsi tacit knowledge.Dynamic Knowledge Map is a Web-based knowledge navigator that searches for experts and facilitatescommunication with those experts by using internet technology. Higher performance levels theoreticallycan be achieved while accelerating the knowledge transfer processes. Future research will test thesuitability of Dynamic Knowledge Map for tacit knowledge utilization in AEC organizations.