This paper will review current progress across the building construction industry in meeting demands for use of data integration with the 3D building model as the coordinating device in building design and development. Decades of national initiatives from NEDO (1990) to Egan (1998) have striven to encourage collaboration in first the building design team and later targetting in programmas the means to accomplish this. In its 14th year'The User Group'has intensified efforts to persuade the industry of the benefits of associating all data involved from the first briefing and conception of design needs and ideas, through the development of the design, testing for structures, costs, heating, lighting, urban and rural environmental impact, facilities management, adaptation and even the eventual controlled demolition of the building. Examples in this paper will be reported from'The User Group'conference, “Profit from Data Integration: An industry updatei, (NEC, Birmingham, Nov. 1998), to indicate how various organisations are now profiting from data integration in 3D object orientated modelling.