This paper summarises, in a preliminary announcement, some outcomes arising from the author's research. A Developed Methodology for Recording, Evaluating and Presenting CAAD as a Vehicle for Designing?, in which a methodology for making visually explicit the design actions of architects has been designed, developed and tested. Specifically it describes the categorisation of computer-aided design actions through visual exemplification, whereby “Categories of Action? of creative computer activity are constructed from, and defined by, grouped visual records of “Design Moves” which exhibit similarity in character. The value of examining design actions as a means to stimulate and enhance creativity for other designers is explained, and the methodology developed and employed in order to construct a resource to do this is outlined. The main body of the paper focuses on descriptions of selected, constructed “Categories of Action” which are outcomes from analysis of material collected as part of this research. Conclusions are drawn on their relevance to the designer and suggestions for further synthesis of the Categories of Action are offered.