There are some fundamental issues in todays architectural education which seem important yet very hard to achieve. One of this issues is the interdependence between design and technology. There is one group in architectural education which beliefs that the question of how to conceive (arch.) and how to construct (arch.) are interdependent. Consequently in this line of thinking the design concept requires verification on a technological level. The second issue which has often been debated is performance. Related to it is a line of thinking which is not satisfied with the formal issues of design - and how it looks, but wants to carry design to point where you also know - what it does and with it how much it costs. Cost-consciousness is the final issue addressed. We all know that there are limits to what a school can do or what a school can be. And, there is an essential difference between practise and education. Yet at the same time the argument is that only consciousness is required thus leading to the basic understanding that form performance and costs are interrelated and interdependent issues in architectural design.